About Us

Some memories fade. Some traditions never go away. Some influences never loose their magnificence. At cross jewel, it is our passion to revive those traditions and present it to the world in a way and form that they treasure for years. As new entrants in fine jewellery, we have transformed the way the business looks at jewellery. We are brimming with wide rich ideas and imaginative innovations aimed at reviving the lost sparkle of some of India’s highly cherished jewellery traditions. At Cross Jewel, we have created a whole new line up of antique and fusion jewellery in22k gold. We have carved our own niche in satisfying all types of marked demands. So, whether your customers comprise of pure perfectionists looking for cent percent antique jewellery reproductions to the experimental jewellery lovers, who marvel in the sheer adeventure of a mix-and-match or fusion form of jewellery. You name it, we have it all lined up as part of our glittering display of exclusive designer creations. From the truly ornate creations for jewellery connoisseurs to a stunning collection of bangles and other casual ornaments, Cross Jewel brings you everything that would put even the most discovering admirer of exquisite jewelelry on a never-ending high!

Rediscover the charm of possessing a priceless heritage – with Cross Jewel.